Your modern online profile
(that pays you)

Create a profile with your links, info, and payments all in one place,
and earn revenue for being on the network.

Make it easy for people to connect with you

No more depending on people to string together where they can connect with you.
Have one spot that has all your information and links to everywhere you are online, and control your information in a global people network.
Develop stronger relationships with 1 click.

Get paid for using and growing Thisa

Companies pay and connect to Thisa to look up information. You improve the platform by having a public profile, so you get a share of the income the profile creates.
You also earn a share of the income for everyone you refer to Thisa, so the more you share the more you earn.
This is one of many ways of active and passive income, with more info in your account.

Bank grade security and privacy

Control exactly what is on your public profile, and what should be private and removed.
Security is taken extremely seriously, with all communcation secured by SHA-256 with RSA Encryption, all payment data handling fully PCI compliant, each application operating in an isolated environment, and much more.

Access and search a global people network

Search a people network of 1.5 billion people records, collected from across public profiles and the web.
Turn email address, phone number, social media account and more into a more complete profile.
And more importantly you control your public information, and make anything private in 1 click.

Get paid with Apple Pay and more in 1 click

Your profile should help you get paid easily. From having friends paying you back, to one-off gigs and sales, to new hustles.
Have anyone pay you with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a credit card all in 1-click. Dead simple and no apps to mess with, and it works for everyone anywhere (130+ currencies anywhere in the world) so you're covered for any situation.

Thisa for Business and Developers

Improve your sales, marketing, or platform with access to the Thisa people network via the web portal or API.
Strengthen and organize your company's online presence with a Thisa profile, and make the important aspects of your company easier to find.
To get started get in touch with us at so we can deliver the perfect solution for you.
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