The 10x Email Finder Hunter

January 29, 2021 - Adrian Artiles
We spent most of last year building a database 10 times to size of any other email finder tool out there.
So far we are at 1.5 billion records and counting.
We also added other data, such as phone number and social media information.
We then put a simple UI and API on it this month. This finalized the platform I always wanted; a single place to search any kind of contact data I needed.
It is still a work in progress and has some rough spots. Even so, it has already been a great resource for getting data I could not find anywhere else.
And today we added "search by company domain" functionality. Go to to run a search and get more emails (plus other data) than you would anywhere else for free.
Give it a go and see if it is useful for you!
Use it to find contact information, enrich your database, qualify leads, or anything else you can think of really.
The platform is still in constant development, and I am very interested in feedback on how to make it better. Do not be shy, get in touch with me at @AdrianArtiles!
Want Free Credit?
Let me know at @AdrianArtiles and I will gladly add some free credit for premium access.